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About Us
Invest Smart for a Fruitful Start is an international company headquartered in Silicon Valley. We aim to be your online financial friend, analyzing your risk-taking ability and accordingly guiding you to make the right investments to meet your financial goals. We understand that everyone’s needs, risk appetite and goals are different. Hence, we give you customized portfolios to fit all of them. helps people form a habit of saving and investing very early in their lives. By investing small amounts over a long period of time, we help our customers secure a strong financial future. We analyze each individual’s risk profile and assign a portfolio that matches their investment appetite. Through our unique assessment process, we are able to offer each customer various model portfolios to perfectly fit their needs.
We provide a simple, mobile solution that creates an investing habit
Goal-based investing through systematic investment or lump sum in India’s best mutual funds
Human Touch
Get to know about our exotic product offerings from our wealth managers